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Upgrade Company File


Each version of the software reads and writes company files in a specific, version-dependent format. When a new version of the software is used to open a file that was created and used with a previous version of the software the file must be upgraded to the new version format. The upgrade utility built into AccountEdge Pro reads the data from the old file and creates a new file with the same data and appends the version number at the end of the file. The contents of the old file remain untouched and is moved to the BackUps folder in your AccountEdge Pro folder. The data are unchanged; at the end of the process, both files will have the same data (e.g., same fiscal and payroll years, same records, etc.).

Upgrading Your Company File

Starting with AccountEdge Pro 2023 we’ve made changes to the upgrade process to make it easier and faster. The upgrade process will help you locate your existing company file and make it easier to find after you’ve upgraded.

To upgrade your company file follow these steps:

  1. Launch the new version of AccountEdge Pro, the Welcome window will open.
  2. You have several ways to proceed from here.

- Click the Upgrade & Open button in the upper right corner of the Welcome window. This will open the most recent company file you worked in from your previous version. 
- The next window gives you two options:

- Auto Upgrade which will upgrade the most recent file keeping the same name and storing your upgraded company file in the same location. A copy of your old file will be saved in your AccountEdge Pro > Pre-Upgrade Backups folder. 
- Manual Upgrade which will select your most recent file and save it with the same name and the version number appended to the file. You can override this file by using Find File to locate the file manually (maybe you want to upgrade your backups as well) and Save As will allow you to rename the file and change the location. Both options will show you the path to your company file.

- You can also select Company File Maintenance in the lower right corner of the Welcome window then Upgrade company file. 
- This will launch the Upgrade Assistant, click Next, then use Find File to locate your company file (the default location will open or navigate to the location of your current company file.)

**AccountEdge Network Edition Please Note:** 
For AccountEdge Network Edition - the company file will be located on the host machine under Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > AccountEdge NE > Databases. This is where the upgraded file will have to be placed in order to be accessed by AccountEdge Network Edition.

Upgrading Custom Forms to New Version of AccountEdge

We’ve also made changes to the process to upgrade Custom Forms. NOTE: You will not need to use the Migration Assistant. 
Once you select a custom form or report to use, AccountEdge will automatically upgrade the file in the background.

How to Upgrade Video

Trouble Upgrading Company File

We have additional support articles that address possible issues upgrading: