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AccountEdge Payroll Forms Service


We work with a company called Aatrix who provides the ability to both print and E-File many Federal and State Payroll Forms. Aatrix provides the W-2 and W-3 printed forms at no extra cost. AccountEdge also has the ability to print 1099s to pre-printed forms (these are not provided through Aatrix or AccountEdge but can be purchased at an office supply store or through AccountEdge Checks and Forms).

All other forms (940s, 941s, State Forms, etc) require signing up for our Payroll Forms Service. You can find more information on pricing for Payroll Forms Service here.

Payroll Forms Order Process

You can place order for the Payroll Forms Service through our website (Click Enroll).

You will be asked to enter your EIN, confirm your EIN, and select whether this is a renewal order (i.e., you've done this before) or whether you are a new Payroll Forms customer.

After submitting this information, log into your My Account page to find a new Registration Code. This code will also be emailed to the same email you used to place the order.

Registering Payroll Forms

Once you receive this code you need to register the Payroll Formsviewer Software. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open AccountEdge and login as normal
  2. Click on the Payroll Module
  3. Click on Prepare Payroll Tax Forms
  4. Click on Register (you may be prompted to update)
  5. Enter the EIN number you signed up for the service with
  6. Enter the Payroll Forms Registration Code

You'll see your registration code with the expiration date in the center of the Payroll Forms Registration window. You can then click done and proceed to printing your forms without watermarks or you can sign up for Aatrix's E-filing service if desired.

Note: If you are a user who files for multiple EIN numbers - you should only have the one you signed up for in here. You can file the forms themselves with other EIN numbers - but this should match what you submitted on the EIN confirmation page.