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eFile Federal and State 1099s

Here is a short video overview of the eFiling process:

Filing 1099s for your business can be time consuming and expensive. Save time and money by creating and eFiling Federal and State forms right from AccountEdge. No need to export your data, just manage the process from AccountEdge to eFile and print 1099s and 1096s.


  • Federal 1099s/1096 with the IRS
  • State 1099s and Reconciliation Forms
  • Printed recipient copies mailed next business day
  • Track the delivery of recipient 1099s
  • Online recipient copies and copies for your records
  • Your data comes directly from AccountEdge, no exporting, no spreadsheets

Select Prepare 1099s in the Purchases command center to get started. In the Printing and Filing Options screen you’ll decide how to process 1099 forms - print, eFile, or both. There are two main options:

The Complete 1099 eFiling Service includes

  • Print and mail recipient copies next business day
  • File your Federal 1099s and 1096
  • File all applicable State 1099s and Reconciliation Forms
  • Online 1099s available for all recipients (after eFiling)
  • Submit corrections prior to filing
  • Pick filing dates
  • $1.99 per recipient

Other Options

Pick one or several options, including:

  • Print recipient 1099 copies
  • eFile Federal 1099s and 1096
  • efile State 1099s and Reconciliation Forms
  • Print Federal 1099s and 1096
  • Print State 1099s and Reconciliation Forms